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"The music is not in the notes, but in the silence between"

International acclaimed, multi-talented cellist, singer, musical producer, actress, and meditation facilitator. Through her unique musical style and guidance, Hadas creates on stage layers of sound that takes the listener on a trip that can be best described as a journey through the unconscious, intended to soothe the soul and open one's heart"


Hadas was born and raised in Jerusalem and started to play the cello when she was 8 years old, an alumnus of the Jerusalem music academy, a recipient of the Keren Varon Scholarships and the Sharet Foundation for outstanding musicians in Israel.


In 2006 she began her career as one of the founders of the well known international ensemble "Asaf Avidan and the Mojos" where she starred as a musician and singer.

The successful band signed with Sony Columbia label released three albums and performed on the world's leading stages. Their debut album "The Reckoning" won the status of the gold album in Israel and platinum in France, and the song "Reckoning Song" won half a million hits on YouTube and more than 200 million hits in Spotify.

The band was chosen open for Bob Dylan and Morrisi in Israel, performed main venues, events and festivals including Carnegie Hall and Canne festival and toured across Europe the US and even China. After the band was disbanded, Hadas returned to Israel, played, sang and created together with leading Israeli artists and took an active part in their creative process.

In 2012 Hadas broke into her independent path, joined the musician Aviv Bachar and together they launched their first solo project. Their first single "Sirat mifras" became the most widely played song on the radio. The second single "In the Days" was a great success and was nominated for the best song of 2014. The song has 2 million hits on YouTube and over 80k hits in Spotify. Their debut album "Simplicity" was released in 2015 and won a favorable hug from the radio stations and critics, and they were nominated for the breakthrough of 2015

In 2015 Hadas wrote and produced the music, and also played the lead role in the musical play "Being Alexander Penn", And has trained many actors for musical roles, such as the play "Six Characters Looking for an author" at Gesher Theater and the "The conductor" television series of YES.


Hadas lives in New York where she is involved in the production and music editing for the start-up company "Frequency", which creates an immersive entertainment platform in the field of wellness. As part of her role, Hadas edits the soundtrack and visuals for the company's many experiences, including collaborations with international organizations such as the Lulu Lemon fashion brand, an interactive installation for the Burning event in Nevada, the Summit event in Los Angeles.


Aside from performing, Hadas is a long year student of the estimated teacher Eyal Noch and throughout her work, she facilitates retreats, meditation practices, inner work exploration in Israel, and abroad.

She specializes in coaching musicians and artists to empower artists to find their voice amid the chaos of the music industry.


In 2019, Hadas will join the famous French-Iranian opera singer Ariana Vafadari to write, play and sing on a joint album produced by the Hollywood composer Armand Amar.

In addition, she will join the successful electronic ensemble Stavroz (Belgium) for a variety of collaborations and develop, together with the creator Alex Kolby, a documentary television series that accompanies artists and musicians around the world.